Play Store set to integrate AI-generated FAQs

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Google looks to be gearing up to incorporate even more of its AI capabilities into the Play Store.

TheSpAndroid, in its deep dive into the Play Store’s 38.4.12 version, stumbled upon strings hinting at a new AI feature that involves generating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for developers’ apps.

The discovered strings indicate Google’s intentions to introduce AI-generated FAQ sections on the details page of “Apps & Games.” One notable string from the APK teardown suggests that users can expect to “Get frequently asked questions answered by Google AI.” This implies a potential expansion of the AI technology previously employed in Bard, Google’s large language model.

Additional strings uncovered during the investigation include “Answers to FAQs,” “App FAQs,” and “Game FAQs.” However, the precise appearance of these AI-powered FAQs within the app remains unclear.

Notably, SpAndroid mentions that two activated strings related to this feature currently exhibit no functionality, indicating that Google might be in the early stages of development, leaving room for further revelations in upcoming Play Store updates.

Simultaneously under development is Google’s new “Cubes” app, which recently received attention through the Play Store update. This app is designed to serve as an app discovery hub, allowing users to customise app categories for a more tailored experience.

In a move to enhance the quality of apps available on the Play Store, Google has tightened its rules for developers. Developers are now required to conduct testing with a minimum of 20 individuals for two weeks before officially publishing their apps. This measure aims to mitigate the prevalence of “low-quality” apps that users may encounter.

Looking ahead, Google plans to introduce government official app badges on the Play Store in 2024 to add an extra layer of credibility to featured applications.

As Google continues to innovate and refine its Play Store offerings, users can anticipate a more seamless and curated experience with more AI-powered features.

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