OpenText unveils next-gen cybersecurity auditing technology

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OpenText has unveiled the second generation of its advanced cybersecurity auditing technology called Fortify Audit Assistant—aiming to help developers build more secure software amid rising threats and complexity in multi-cloud environments.

The key upgrade is the use of predictive analytics and machine learning to emulate human security auditors. By learning from 10 years of human expert data, the new Fortify Audit Assistant significantly improves accuracy and reduces false positives by up to 90 percent compared to the previous version. This enables security teams to focus on the most critical vulnerabilities.

“The first generation of Fortify Audit Assistant was ahead of its time, but these new enhancements take it to the next level in terms of efficacy,” said Prentiss Donohue, Cybersecurity Executive Vice President at OpenText.

The next generation includes automated processes to account for model drift over time as the threat landscape evolves. It also has over 30 language-specific models to provide deeper expertise across programming languages. Additionally, new models are more flexible in learning from each customer’s unique environment and data privacy needs.

Other key improvements highlighted were better identification of exploitable vulnerabilities by considering contextual factors like test versus production code. More data and insights allow for faster and more effective security audits.

According to OpenText, triaging raw static analysis results is extremely time-consuming currently. Fortify Audit Assistant aims to solve this industry-wide challenge by applying advanced analytics to duplicate human-level assessment.

The company claims no other vendor can match the depth of vulnerability intelligence generated from 10 years of human expert auditing data.

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