Apple releases Xcode 15.2 with Vision Pro support

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Apple has released Xcode 15.2, a major update that paves the way for the upcoming Vision Pro headset set to hit the shelves on 2 February.

The new Xcode version introduces support for the Vision Pro headset through the integration of the visionOS SDK, opening up opportunities for developers to craft immersive visionOS apps tailored for this cutting-edge device.

With a focus on refining the visionOS experience, Apple’s release notes indicate that Xcode 15.2 incorporates various fixes and enhancements for seamless compatibility with the Vision Pro headset.

The Apple Vision Pro App Store is now open for submissions, allowing developers to showcase their visionOS creations.

While many existing iPhone and iPad apps will seamlessly function on the Vision Pro, developers can fine-tune their offerings for optimal performance on this potentially groundbreaking device.

Apple plans to automatically publish iPhone and iPad apps on the Vision Pro store—ensuring its debut spatial computing headset launches with a robust library. Developers have the option to opt out via the App Store Connect.

For developers eager to dive into the specifics, Apple has outlined comprehensive recommendations and requirements on a dedicated page of the Apple Developer website. This includes guidelines on app testing, screenshot preparation, icon creation, and crucial details on naming and describing apps.

Interestingly, Apple is steering developers away from using terms like AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), XR (extended reality), or MR (mixed reality) to describe visionOS apps. Instead, Apple suggests referring to them as “spatial computing apps.”

The Vision Pro headset will make its debut on 2 February in retail stores across the US for an eye-watering $3,499. Zeiss prescription lenses will cost a further $149.

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(Image Credit: Apple)

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