About Me

Software Engineer as an iOS Developer since more than 5yrs. Developed native iOS apps ranging from simple education apps to high-end secure enterprise apps. Always working towards clean code, intuitive user experience, data security. I am striving to keep me up with new technologies.
Open to work on: macOS, tvOS, watchOS apps, Server side Swift


Currently using Swift, 3yrs, through all versions up to recent 4.0
Started my career with Objective-C, used it for 2.5yrs
C lang, Core Data, Xcode, GIT/GitFlow, SVN, Unit Tests, TDD
Tools: GitHub, Jira, Skype, Slack, MyCollab

Developer Story

Find more about me (experience, education, projects) at:
Stackoverflow Developer Story


d4t[email protected]

Social/Technical Media

Stackoverflow: /users/5546312
Twitter: @D4ttatraya
Github: D4ttatraya
Linkedin: /in/dattatraya-anarase