Keep Your Head In The Clouds

February 17, 2018

Two days back my MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) stuck at progress bar while starting, and not yet started! How troublesome is this!!! I’m sure many of us have faced this issue somewhere, provided, mostly if it’s an old model. What about all these projects and files after my MacBook crash? Any one can face this issue. Then how to make sure that our files are safe! And how I made it through this sudden crash!

Being software developer and that too freelancer, keeping day-to-day project data/docs safe is big challenge. And where I’m working currently, there is no Version Control setup and I need to take care of my code by myself. Also I’m having lot of other files that I’ve created for my personal use. Where to store it? - In the Sky!

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Yes, Clouds. My all work data is on clouds, when I bought another MacBook I just logged in to those clouds, got all the data and started working from where I was stuck. There are lots of cloud space providing companies available today; even with free of cost. I use those cloud spaces a lot to store work data, to keep it safe, secure, to make it available through-out the devices, always synced, share within people.
Here I’m mentioning what I’m using:


Provided by Apple Inc, it gives 5GB free space. If we have any of the Apple devices then this is must and it comes with Apple Id we create to use for App Store downloads.

Google Drive

Provide by Google LLC, it gives 15GB free space. Every Gmail account (eventually Google account) comes with this drive space.


Provided by Dropbox Inc, it gives 2GB of initial free space, and it can be upgraded upto 16GB for free by Referral scheme. I mostly use Dropbox for keeping my projects under version control, so I can share it with other developers exactly same like GitHub.
Please start using Dropbox, if you are not, by using my referral link so I will get bonus 500MB free space (and you will also).


Provided by Box Inc, it gives 10GB of free space. I use this mostly to store heavy project docs like wireframes, images for app, etc.


Provided by Microsoft Corporation, it gives 5GB of free space. It works very smoothly with MS Office files.

So if we use all of these clouds, we can have total 37GB of free space on clouds, that can be accessed on any platforms on mobiles, tablets and PCs running Android, Windows, iOS or macOS. For every platform, all these clouds have their own apps to integrate in file/folder system.

Cloud Apps for iOS

Cloud Apps for macOS


I’ve searched on Google about security of our data on these clouds, there I haven’t found anything that mentions about loop holes or security issues. So I think it’s perfectly fine to keep our data there, still it’s opinion based decision!

If you find this helpful or you are already using these clouds then give me a ❤️, share it. Or if you have any other opinions then please feel free to comment below!

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