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Keep Your Head In The Clouds
February 17, 2018

Two days back my MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) stuck at progress bar while starting, and not yet started! How troublesome is this!!! I’m sure many of us have faced this issue somewhere, provided, mostly if it’s an old model. What about all these projects and files after my MacBook crash? Any one can face this issue. Then how to make sure that our files are safe! And how I made it through this sudden crash!

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Defining Done As Boolean
September 10, 2017

Often in software development environments its been asked to developers whether they are done with their task or not. And its pretty obvious question for managers to ask to developers, nothing wrong or unexpected. Developers tend to answer this question as “yes, I am done” and if anything that can be wrong and unexpected here is what they mean by done!

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Advantages(!) of Dirty Code
August 17, 2017

First and foremost advantage for me is that I don’t need to define it; 😊! Almost everyone, who have written any kind of program, knows what dirty code is; whether or not everyone realizes it is another story.

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Getting Started With Writing Blogs And Hosting Online
July 20, 2017

I was very excited to write blogs about my experiences, about new things that I learned recently, summaries of my tech-social findings I explored. I was googling about free blog hosting services available today and I didn’t found any difficulty to reach GitHub Pages. I found it very easy and very simple to write and publish our content online without worrying about maintenance and security.

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