Python: Is it right for my business?

Python: Is it right for my business? Lucasz is the VP of engineering at STX Next. He is versatile software delivery manager experienced in building and maintaining highly effective agile teams.

There is a plethora of choice when it comes to different programming languages. Python is just one of many widely used, but boasts the likes of Google, Youtube, Instagram and Spotify as some of the household names adopting it. 

So, why should a business choose Python over the likes of Java for its programming language and what role does Python play? These decisions are more complex than a simple, ‘pros and cons’ list in software development. Each has different use cases, and businesses should look at what matters most when selecting the right programming language. 

A welcoming user-experience 

From the outset, Python can make life easier for your team during the software development process. First of all, writing Python code is simple and is manageable by design, making it one of the fastest languages in terms of speed of development.

A user-friendly environment in the hands of your development team means less time struggling with the building tool and more time spent actually building. As a result, less time is required to deliver your businesses platform or webpage whilst increasing the return on investment from Python.

As well as writing, Python’s syntax is clear and concise. The language is designed to be readable and close to the English language, making it easy to interpret. Python also requires fewer lines of code to achieve results compared to languages such as C or Java. The simplicity of Python helps greatly when reading the code you’ve written or code from another developer. Code reviews are a lot faster when there are fewer lines of code to review, and the code reads like English. With code that’s simpler to interpret and navigate, businesses can reduce the amount of work needed to maintain and expand its code base.

The security and scalability offerings

Shifting away from the user experience, Python can also offer a robust service during the development process. For start-ups, for example, the business is often solely web-based. With this in mind, the emergence of a bug could prove costly. Although Python provides a friendly user-experience, security does not take a back seat. Thankfully, Python is well-equipped to deal with the security challenges posed by cyber threats.

The secure credentials will be music to the ears of organisations, but Python’s high scalability also offers huge potential for business growth. It is not uncommon amongst programming languages that when scalability increases, so do the challenges relating to maintenance, but this is less of a daunting task with Python. The simplicity of the language means any maintenance performed becomes much more manageable due to fewer lines of code to negotiate and also prepares your organisation for any increase in growth it may experience. This makes the scalability aspect of Python so desirable and why some of the largest companies adopt it within their software development process. 

A useful toolkit 

As mentioned, the software development process can be a complex one. Python offers a smart solution for those pushed for time as well as software development beginners. The language’s popularity has resulted in a range of Python packages being produced for data visualisation, machine learning, natural language processing, complex data analysis, to name a few. Python has a selection of built-in libraries for the mentioned processes, meaning the user does not have to build these frameworks and libraries from scratch. Once again, this drastically reduces the time spent and simplifies the entire process, allowing businesses to focus time and money on other issues.  

Better understanding will result in better decision-making

Understanding the business benefits and the role in which Python contributes within software development is so important. Different languages benefit different businesses, but Python plays a huge role when it comes to durability, scalability and a friendly user-experience for your organisation during the software development process.

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